Wireless LAN Bridging for Video Surveillance

Remote buildings or outbuildings can be bridged using wireless devices to transmit IP data and IP video.  Outbuildings are excellent locations for security cameras for both the protection of the outbuilding as well as additional views for other buildings or locations on your property.  Evyn Security can bridge your buildings using high-throughput and low-latency wireless bridges for secure and fast network communication.  Wireless bridging is very cost effective and is a great alternative to overhead or burial wire.




Multi-Purpose Bridging

Wireless bridging can be shared for a variety of purposes including video surveillance, internet access, LAN bridging, VOIP or PSTN over VOIP phones, access control, security and building automation.


Multi-Frequncy and MIMO Technology

For large bandwidth requirements MIMO technology and dual multi-frequency systems can be used.  MIMO provides two simultaneous wireless stream to be transmitted and received allowing for great throughput and bandwidth.  Dual radios using separated frequencies can be installed to both isolate network segments or combine segments for greater overall performance.


Point-to-Point Infrastructure

Point-to-point wireless involves one access point and one bridge or two bridges to carry the wireless signal from point A to point B.  Point-to-point wireless infrastructure can be used in a line, down a road for instance, transmitting the signal from point A to point B then point B to point C then point C to point D.


Point-to-Multipoint Infrastructure

Point-to-multipoint involves one access point and several bridges.  The access point accepts packets from multiple bridges at the same time.  An access point in the center of at the endpoint is used at the front of the network.  Bridge devices within line of sight transmit their video data directly to the access point.


Wireless Mesh Infrastructure

Wireless mesh configurations involve many wireless bridges which could each transmit data to each other.  Wireless mesh configurations used with security cameras are primarily for redundancy.  Mesh network devices are often mistakenly used or specified in place of a point-to-point infrastructure.


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