Residential Video Security

Evyn Security can help plan and install your home video security system.  Our approach to home video surveillance is unique among our competitors.  We take pride in our high quality workmanship to make your home security system more effective while taking extra time to be sure the cameras are not disruptive to the overall look of your home.  Residential security cameras are a great way to add additional protection for your primary residence or even your vacation home.




High Definition Video

With HD high definition video cameras, you can see a clear overview of your property anywhere inside your home or even on your smartphone or tablet when you are away.  You can now have the comfort of knowing your home is security anytime from anywhere.




Low Profile Cameras

Evyn Security has low profile and covert cameras that can be installed when you want to be discreet or you don’t want to distract from your home’s architecture and visual appeal.  We can install them in discreet locations, use low-profile security cameras like mini-dome security cameras and soffit-recessed cameras.  We can even color-blend the camera housing to match the surface.




Color Matching

Evyn Security can color match the camera base and housing to the color of your house to make the camera blend better and be less noticeable.  Cameras mounted on brick can be painted a blended color to better match your brick colors.  Conduit, although rarely used, can also be painted to match.




Entertainment System / Theater System Integration

Our residential security camera systems can be tied in with your entertainment system for easy convenient access.  We also sell distribution systems that can distribute the video throughout your home to each television and even work with your existing TV remote control.  Security Camera systems can also be integrated into your home theater.


Watch Your Business from Home

We can also integrate cameras from your business into your entertainment system so that with a button press on your remote you can view cameras from your business.  You can even use your existing TV remote control!




Nanny Cameras

Evyn Security can also install covert security cameras in your home’s interior for monitoring when you are away.  You can even schedule the system to only record during the hours that you are away.  Nanny cameras are also capable of recording and monitoring audio when you require it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most asked questions about video security! Our FAQ page answers dozens of popular questions from our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


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