Network Video Recorders

A Network video recorder (NVR) is designed to record surveillance video specifically from network IP cameras.  An NVR is a pure network solution where all of its video data is imputed and outputted through computer networks using various protocols.  NVRs are the best solution for larger infrastructures where more than 16 cameras will be used at a single facility or cameras are spread large distances to other buildings.





  • Cameras use industry standard network cabling (Cat5e/Cat6)
  • Power is carried over the network cabling (Power Over Ethernet (PoE))
  • Video data is easily and reliably transmitted over fiber or over wireless bridges
  • IP Network Video is the future of Security Video, it is rapidly becoming the industry standard
  • Older CCTV cameras can be used via hybrid technology or through encoders
  • Best video quality available- no megapixel or resolution limitations
  • Virtually no limitation for expansion
  • Easy to integrate with existing network infrastructure
  • More secure than any other video security technology
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than any other technology
  • There are no distance limitations between the cameras and the recorder when using fiber
  • Best variety of supported cameras (70% of all HD security cameras are IP cameras)



Wireless Transmission

Network video is the only technology that can be reliably transmitted wireless.  While other technologies offer wireless solutions, they suffer from a great disadvantage because of their significant limitations including the number of cameras able to be transmitted simultaneously and their low quality of transmission over wireless.  Network video works similarly to any other network device such as a computer.  It can transmit high quality video over wireless without being subject to loss of quality.  The protocols that make this possible correct data transmission errors within milliseconds, eliminating any loss of frames or quality.


Transmission over Fiber

The greatest advantage to network video is the ability to not only transmit video over fiber, but to share a single pair of fiber with many cameras and even an existing network.  Analog CCTV camera video can be transmitted over fiber, however it required either one strand per camera or a special device that would encode and then decode the video in order to transmit multiple cameras. The ability to transmit video using network switching technology significantly lowers the cost of deployment and even more significantly lowering the total cost of ownership.


Future-Proofing your Infrastructure

Since network video is transmitted over industry-standard ethernet cable or fiber, you can be confident that you will have the proper infrastructure in place for new technology.  As camera quality increases in megapixels and resolution the same cabling can be used to facilitate these newer technologies.  The traditional standard of siamese coax cable for video security has many limitations including a maximum resolution of 1080p and a limitation of the distance from the camera to the recorder.


Variations in Recorder Technology

There are many variations in network video recording technologies.  Network video recorders come in a variety of platforms including software that can be run top traditional PC-based hardware architecture and run on top of a Windows, MAC or Linux operating system and embedded systems that come as a complete all-in-one system.  Which type of system you choose and from which manufacturer varies upon the number and type of cameras, how much room for expansion you require and the features you desire.


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