HD TVI Video Recorders

HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) is a new and improved technology where a digital signal converted then transmitted over coaxial cable much like CCTV signals.  HD-TVI technology was developed in 2012 by Techpoint, a U.S. based firm).  It allows for higher resolution (720p and 1080p) cameras to be recorded over traditional coax infrastructure.  TVI is an open-architecture technology allowing it to be used by many manufacturers and can be used in an environment with cameras from multiple manufacturers.  HD-TVI is also much more cost effective than HD-SDI technology.  HD-TVI Video Recorders receive the signal and convert it back to a digital format for recording and live viewing.



  • Uses traditional coax infrastructure
  • Can utilize low-cost RG-59 Siamese coax cable
  • Lower equipment cost over HD-SDI
  • Capable of resolutions up to 1080p
  • No transmission delay
  • Can transmit RS-485 PTZ signal over coax
  • Transmits audio and video over single coaxial cable
  • Lossless signal
  • Very high reliability
  • Video can be transmitted up to 500 meters over coaxial cable
  • Open Architecture Technology



Variations in Recorder Technology

Most HD-TVI systems come in linux-embedded systems. Systems can be stacked with DVRs, NVRs and Hybrid recorders using central monitoring software.


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