HD SDI Video Recorders

HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) is a broadcast systems technology where a digital signal is directly transmitted over coaxial cable.  It allows for higher resolution (720p and 1080p) cameras to be recorded over traditional coax infrastructure. SDI is a standardized technology, however not all SDI cameras work with any SDI recorder.  SDI requires a high quality RG6 coax cable and does not always work over older RG59 cable.  SDI is capable of high quality images without delay.  SDI should be used where transmission delay is unacceptable and where high frame-rates are required.



  • No transmission delay
  • Zero Latency
  • Capable of high frame rate display and recording
  • Uses RG6 digital coax cable infrastructure
  • Capable of resolutions up to 1080p
  • Transmits audio and video over single coaxial cable
  • 100 meter maximum distance from camera to recorder
  • Very high reliability



Variations in Recorder Technology

There are many variations in HD-SDI recorder technologies.  Recorders come in a variety of platforms including PCI/PCIE capture cards along with software that can be run top traditional PC-based hardware architecture and run on top of a Windows, MAC or Linux operating system and embedded systems that come as a complete all-in-one system.  Which type of system you choose and from which manufacturer varies upon the number and type of cameras, how much room for expansion you require and the features you desire.


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