Central Monitoring Software

Most modern systems have Central Monitoring Software either included or as an add-on to the recording platform.  Central monitoring software allows you to view and control multiple systems either on or off premise of multiple systems across multiple premises.  The ability to view multiple systems under one central platform removes many prior limitations to video surveillance systems.  Central Monitoring Software is available at no extra cost for the majority of the systems sold at Evyn Security.




Live Video

With central monitoring software you can view all or some of the cameras on each system you have.  You can view cameras across a campus or a few cameras from each business location.  The software provides limitless possibilities.  Your computer’s hardware and effective bandwidth set the limitation on how many monitors you can use, who many cameras can be streamed simultaneously and what quality you can view each camera at.


System Control

Central monitoring software allows you to control setting elements within your recording system.  Recording schedules, email or SMS text messaging alerts, video quality and other settings can all be controlled remotely either through the central monitoring software or through a web interface.


Review Recorded Video

With central monitoring software you can review and backup critical recorded events without even visiting the physical business location. This can be done remotely from a central office or even your home office.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions