Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras give the user the ability to remotely move the camera lens to search for of follow a specific person or object.  It can pan left left to right, tilt up and down and zoom in and out.  PTZ cameras offer auto-focus technology so the user can quickly follow of find an object or person without the image going out of focus.  Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras are best for environments where there are security personnel viewing the cameras live.  Without the need for dynamic live viewing, pan-tilt-zoom cameras are recording only in a fixed position.


CCTV Standard Definition PTZ Cameras

SD (standard definition) PTZ cameras offer standard CCTV resolution – often around 700TVL.  Because PTZ cameras are able to change focal length or zoom on demand, standard definition offers an acceptable resolution for many applications.  SD PTZ cameras cost less than network IP PTZ cameras when compared in the same zoom capabilities.


Network IP & HD PTZ Cameras

High Definition PTZ cameras have a megapixel image sensor that can provide much better image clarity and resolutions.   IP PTZ cameras are much easier to deploy with a wireless infrastructure or where fiber is used to transmit video.


Form Factors for PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras come in a variety of form factors.  The most common form factors include security dome, recessed dome and motorized housing.  Security PTZ dome cameras are by far the most common form factor used in PTZs.



Controlling a PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras can be controlled with a mouse, trackball, touchpad or a dedicated PTZ controller.  The PTZ controller allows the user to quickly switch between cameras and easily control the camera’s movements with a joystick.  Most installations with more than one PTZ camera include a dedicated PTZ controller.


Auto-Tracking Technology

Some modern PTZ cameras have on-board software which attempts to “follow” a moving object automatically.  This can be very useful in following the specific movements of a criminal and capturing the details on video.  Currently the technology is limited and works well in some environments while performing poorly in other environments.  Evyn Security can help you determine if an Auto-Tracking PTZ will work in your specific environment.


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