Covert Security Cameras (Hidden/Spy Cameras)

Evyn Security has a wide variety of covert security camera options.  Covert cameras work great to compliment your existing security camera system by adding other unknown points of surveillance.  Covert cameras are made in a wide variety of objects made to meant to conceal its identity and position.  Mini pinhole cameras can be embedded in almost any object.




  • Target is unaware that they are being recorded or monitored
  • Good option for areas where standard cameras present a distraction
  • Great for small areas where the covert object can have multiple functions (like a clock)


  • Costs higher than standard camera
  • Quality is not as good as standard cameras because of the size limitations
  • View is not always optimal because of necessary placement


Wired Covert Cameras

Wired covert cameras are wired directly into a monitor or surveillance recorder.  Wired covert cameras offer the best quality, reliability and most available recording time.  Unless wireless or self-contained devices are necessary, wired covert cameras are the best option for your video security system.


Wireless Covert Cameras

Wireless covert cameras are either battery or transformer powered but transmit the video feed either over analog wireless video or over WiFi.  Wireless covert cameras can be used where it is required that the object be frequently moved or is inaccessible to wire.


Self Contained Covert Devices

Self-contained devices contain the camera, a micro-embedded recorder and either battery or transformer power options.  Self contained devices typically record video onto an SD or micro-SD card for later retrieval.  Self contained devices are used in situations where the recoding needs to be short and typically one party is aware of the surveillance.  Self contained devices are limited in recording time, battery power and quality of recording.  Self-contained devices should only be used when wires or wireless devices cannot be used.




Most covert cameras are standard definition CCTV cameras.  The tiny image sensor makes capturing a high definition image very difficult.  Standard definition CCTV covert security cameras can easily be integrated with IP surveillance systems through encoders.  While many high definition covert cameras do exist they are not for price sensitive markets.



Covert Audio Surveillance

Some covert cameras have built in microphones so that you can capture or monitor audio as well as video.  Covert microphones can also be installed separately for more comprehensive surveillance coverage.


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