Camera aesthetics are important for both new and existing buildings.  Large bulky security cameras often clash with architectural design.  Evyn security offers a large variety of more aesthetically pleasing camera form factors for these environments.  Cameras can be completely covert – hidden inside objects like clocks, wall-plates, lighting and exit signs or be overt but recessed or low-profile.  Covert cameras often lack the required features for quality image capture because of their ultra-small form.  Overt low-profile and recessed cameras have the required features for quality image capture and are much more aesthetically pleasing than large domes, bullet, or box cameras.






Hidden cameras are an option for environments where overt cameras are distracting or clash with the architectural design.  Covert cameras can be placed in almost any object including clocks, exit signs, fake smoke detectors, speakers, wall plates or ceiling tiles.  Covert cameras offer mediocre quality and features thereby making its use limited to only when it is required.



Recessed cameras offer a way to partially conceal cameras, placing the majority of the functioning camera body inside a wall or ceiling and only exposing the lens.  Recessed cameras can be installed almost anywhere and present a great option for new construction.



Mini-domes are low-profile dome cameras which only protrude about two to three inches from the ceiling or wall.  Their small diameter of about four inches makes them small enough to go unnoticed.  Mini-domes are inexpensive and easy to install in both new and existing construction.


One-Way Glass/Mirrors

One-way glass is another option for hiding cameras.  One way glass can be installed anywhere, including ceilings to completely recess the entire camera, keeping any distraction to a minimum.


Covert Design

Covert cameras can be placed in just about any object.  Its pin-hole lens can be inserted to blend in and go unnoticed even to someone looking for it.  Its small size body size of about 2 inches in diameter can fit into almost any object.  Evyn security works with vendors who can specifically design a covert camera or insert a camera into an existing object.


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