Panoramic 180° Security Cameras

Panoramic security cameras offer a full 180° view for live viewing and recording.  With panoramic imaging you can better see the complete field of view in its entirety.


  • Requires only one camera
  • Looks better than two to four cameras grouped together
  • Often requires only one cable for installation
  • Merges images into one single panoramic view for better clarity





When to use a Panoramic Camera

Panoramic cameras often cost more or offer less overall pixel density than using several HD cameras grouped together.  However, there are specific instances where their costs can be justified and their features can be beneficial to your security system.


In many environments, a group of two to four cameras grouped together would just look bad.  The outside of some buildings, the inside of offices or retail establishments and inside a restaurant are just a few examples of where the camera groups could distract from the look or appeal of the building or environment.


Each manufacturer or developer of network video recording systems treat panoramic cameras differently.   ExacQ Vision, for example treats a panoramic camera as one camera with four images and requires only one license, whereas NUUO treats a panoramic camera as four cameras thereby requiring four licenses.  The cost difference in licensing can help the decision process in price-sensitive markets.  With ExacQ Vision it is surely advantageous to use panoramic cameras where useful.


When security personnel are viewing the cameras live, a panoramic image helps easily visualize and follow movements.  This can significantly aid security guards in their duties.  When a target is moving between images it is very easy to follow across one large panoramic image rather than through two or four individual images.






“Fisheye” vs. True Panoramic

True panoramic cameras offer several grouped image sensors and lenses within one camera housing.  Fisheye cameras have one lens that produces a fisheye image which can be digital spliced in real time to look like a panoramic or hemispheric image.  Fisheye cameras are less expensive than panoramic but offer less clarity in pixel density and can have slightly distorted images due to the digital splicing.  Fisheye cameras work great mounted on a ceiling capturing the entire room in one fisheye image of several spliced images.  They can also be a low cost alternative to true panoramic cameras when the higher image quality is less of a requirement than the need for the panoramic view.











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