Security Design Services

cctv-security-camera-design-zonesLet Evyn Security design a security system customized to your specific security requirements.  Evyn Security has the experience necessary to assess your security demands and find solutions to any weaknesses. Security design is far more complicated than simply installing a few cameras and a few motion detectors.  Placing the cameras in the proper locations to strategically capture key events and make proper recognitions is paramount to a good security.  Most businesses do not have the budget to place cameras and detectors covering every square foot of their facility.  Making the most out of every security device can make a large impact on the effectiveness of your security system.


We start with an Assessment

An assessment from Evyn Security involves a walk-trough of your facility, short interviews with the business owner or assigned key management and a brief questionnaire.  We can then determine the best solution to address your security needs to fit into your budget.


We Design a System Customized to your needs

We will design a system based on your requirements, your budget and your requirements for later expansion or growth.  In many cases, an organization does not have the budget available for optimal security coverage.  We can work to make a system fit into your budget which will still be effective yet be able to be expanded upon later as more budget money becomes available.


Security Building Blocks

cctv-security-camera-mounting-heightWe will design a system using the right components for the best efficacy.  Using the right types of cameras with the proper lenses, a recorder based on your feature requirements and other components that compliment the system and make it the most effective solution for your organization.  Out-of-the-box solutions simply don’t work for every organization.  Let the experts at Evyn Security to help you find the right solutions to make your organization as secure as possible.


Lenses, Angles, Resolution Oh-My!

It sounds simple — right?  Just “throw” up a few cameras.  There is much more complexity involved in security design, especially when using video surveillance equipment.  Lenses, viewing angles, camera resolution, lighting, environmental considerations, image sensor features, image sensor size, camera position, frame rate, wiring and bandwidth are just a few considerations that need to be made when designing a solution.  All of these considerations can make a giant impact on whether or not your system is effective.



The images on a security screen look great after the system is installed, but is the system effective?  Can you recognize faces, read license plates or recognize objects?  There is nothing more disappointing than watching your property get stolen without being able to identify a vehicle or a person committing the crime.  This is a common occurrence with video surveillance systems because they were not properly designed.  Thousands of dollars spent on equipment to get a time stamp on when the event happened.  At Evyn Security, we can design your system so that you are much more likely to make an identification, either of a vehicle or a person.