Tips for Better Safety and Security

Electronic security alone is not effective enough ensure the safety and security of your property.  Electronic security has limitations and more can be done to compliment it and make it more effective.


Light it up!

lightingWith advancement in LED lighting, outdoor lighting has become much more affordable in both upfront and ongoing costs.  The more light, the safer your property is.  This has been statistically proven many times.  Use wall-packs, decorative lighting, parking lot lights and even landscape lighting to help brighten up the property at night.


Motion Sensor Lights

In addition to always-on or disk-to-dawn lighting, install motion sensor lights with low profile or hidden motion sensors.  This will often startle buglers and help deter their entry.


Install Occupancy Sensors

Installing occupancy sensors can help tremendously.  If a thief were to enter the building, the lights would turn on automatically.  Not only would this startle the thief, but deter them from entering further since they could be more easily spotted or noticed by a passerby that the lights are on past hours.  The potential in energy savings from the use of occupancy sensors during the day could help offset the cost of having them installed.



Timer Controlled Lighting

This sounds old-school but it is very effective.  Having a light timed to go on and off many times throughout the night can be very effective.  Thieves often watch or monitor a building for a a period of time before entering.  If they are not sure of its vacancy they are much more likely to pass it by.


Motion Controlled Barks

Motion controlled sounds can be an effective deterrent for any property.  A device can be wired to a hidden motion detector to emit realistic barking sounds when motion is detected.  This will effectively serve as a low-cost and low-maintenance guard dog for your property.


Lighting Automation System

You can program your Zwave system to turn different lights on and off at certain durations or random durations throughout the night.  This is better than a timer system because you can easily change the schedule or even randomize it for even better effectiveness.


Video-Surveillance-SignProminently Display Electronic Security Warning Signs

Use signage to alert potential thieves that you have an alarm and or video surveillance system.  Statistically, over sixty percent of potential thieves will skip your property if they are aware of such a system.


Gates, Fences and Chains

Install an entry gate or even a chain secured across bollards to limit vehicle access to restricted areas or rear-facing parts of the building.  Limiting vehicle entry will help deter criminal activity if the criminal has to work solely on foot.  Restrict main vehicle entry to one narrow point after hours so that a video camera can easily capture the license plate.